You might have heard of concept cars with their, ultra sleek designs and almost science fiction like functions. But know imagine a watch that would literally blow you away or even protect you from a bullet, quite literally. Is this a concept watch or a status quo in the breaking?

This is certainly not any ordinary gadget that one would imagine a watch transforming into, but Devon’s new Tread 1 watch is a bold statement against the status quo of the watch industry. It is more than a product; a timeless masterpiece cherishing a brilliant craftsmanship.

Devon’s Tread 1 watch is a motorized contraption that is belt-driven. The belt contains all the numeric that rotates the hour, minute and even the second’s belt contraption. What’s the sleekest part about the watch is that it is entirely transparent. This means you can see the attention to detail, by the rotating of the motor and the belts.

Creating a virtual visual symphony of intricate details, the watch is intended to be a luxury brand, fetching a price of $15,000. As a designer watch Devon’s Tread 1 has set new limits in the watch designing industry, especially a watch that is dominated with a strong sense of machismo, boldness and assertion.

Developed by a Californian aerospace engineering company, some of the features of Devon Tread 1 include:

  • Wireless Recharging
  • Water resistance
  • Ruggedized belt strap
  • Transparent wide-screen stain less steel
  • Bullet proof glass and exterior
  • Motorized belt contraption
  • Single button function