N-KIA E68 is the name of innovation in mobile industry. Everybody knows about Nokia but have you ever heard about N-KIA. Probably not, as it is very small a company in the giant mobile phone sector. Nokia is the leading brand in mobile industry-but why? Have you ever wondered that why Nokia is considered as the grandfather in mobile industry who still is not very old enough to be replaced by its children. It is because Nokia has developed product for individuals. Whatever your taste might be, whatever your budget might be, Nokia has a phone for you. Nokia was and will remains the trendsetter in this industry for quite a long time. If we talk about the N-KIA E68 phone it has one of the most fun and ingenious slider mechanisms. So what if some other manufacturer gives you this functionality in their phone. Today there is a lot of competition and every week some new models come in to the market. Many features in all these phones are similar or common and the price differ basis the brand name which is associated with the phone. People generally go for big brand name as it is trusted by the majority, but those who change their phone like clothes only go for the looks and not the brand. This is the reason behind the growth of some recently established mobile companies. Such an amazing trendy looks is available in N-KIA E68 mobile. Don’t get confused, it’s not Nokia E68 its N-KIA E68.

The screen of N-KIA E68 looks like the early phone models of Nokia made in 90’s. In all seriousness the mobile phone industry can use some innovation like this model. That design made by N-KIA definitely tops, save for the granny sized buttons. Now we are agreed with the opinion that the fake phone starts leading in the design. What a pity that Nokia did not take the advantage of the previous shining products but it is busy with following the competitors’ footprints. The new models of Nokia brand is seem to copy iPhones because investors only want to make the money and since iPhone is successful the investors want to go only for these models. The only bad thing among these models is that the whole display of the phone eats up the battery a lot, even when the slider is closed. These bulky looking models of phone with a big display screen give an attractive look to the user but apart from it their display consumes a lot of battery. To avoid battery consumption the manufacturers are making a slight change in their models.

We all know that Chinese mobiles have there advantage of providing everything in a very sleek budget. Do you ever think that why Chinese products like mobiles get a major success in the market, the reason behind it is that the Chinese manufacturer’s of mobile looks more specifically upon the needs of customer. They provide trendy looks and almost every feature in your pocket budget but no guarantee regarding their product. People go for looks it’s the major reason behind the sale of iPhone . The attractive look and convenient user interface attracts a lot of users. The same strategy is followed up by the Chinese brand and other local brands. One of the innovative brand designs is presented by N-KIA E68. This is the reason behind the popularity of N-KIA E68.

Apart from feature N-KIA E68 give an innovation to the mobile design industry.