On July 5, in Berkshire, UK, LG Electronics announced its newest smart phones: The Optimus Series. Two smart phones were introduced: Optimus Chic and Optimus One. By the end of this year, ten smart phones will join the lineup for the Optimus series worldwide. The Optimus series is expected to contain a variety of smart phones that are specially designed to suit everyone’s need. There are only few details on the announced releases.

Going Worldwide

The new smart phones support many operating systems. By applying this strategy (supporting numerous operating systems), LG is establishing a strong foundation for its growth in the mobile industry. This step will also help in increasing its shares in the global smart phone market as it releases various smart phones and tablet devices.

Meeting everybody’s needs…Individually

The Optimus One smart phone is meant to be a business phone. It incorporates all the latest Google Mobile features and offers a fast and effortless connection with the world. It also utilizes a convenient interface for everybody to use along with many multimedia features. The phone is soon to be released in Korean market, running on the Android 2.2 OS, also known as Froyo. The Optimus Chic smart phone is for those who prefer smart phones that have style. With its slick and tasteful design, it is sure to win the hearts of many hardcore tech/style groups. It will also be operating on the OS Froyo. LG hasn’t given out official specifications for either of the phones, but both will be touchscreen based devices. LG considers consumer choice to be a top priority in its global campaign. Dr. Skott Ahn, President and CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company, said “the LG Optimus Series is aimed at challenging the notion that one device can meet the needs of many. At LG, we believe in providing people with many different choices because our customers have different preferences from one another. We want to provide devices that suit all needs and simplify people’s lives.” His explanation exemplifies LG’s unique method of satisfying a large number of customers. Instead of packing everything into one phone, they make numerous phones with a wide choice variety.

The Important Things

Indeed, the Optimus series was the result of surveys and thorough research in the worldwide consumer community. The results revealed that quick responses, easy access to information, and user friendliness were the top motivating factors towards buying a particular smart phone. The Optimus series is built to fulfill these three demands. Apart from the Optimus smart phone series, LG will soon be introducing its first tablet device this year. The device will be based on the Android OS platform. LG has promised that the tablet will be superior in performance, slimmer and lighter than other devices currently in the market.