Experian is a global company that provides information services in more than 90 countries. This company provides research data and analytical tools to reveal information and delivers the best services to their clients.

On January 19, 2011 Experian warned the users of smartphones about the security threats. The latest research revealed the security threats related to smartphones. According to them, user sensitive data like the ID and password stored on a phone can be stolen easily if they use an unsecure network of Wi-Fi through their smartphone. Further the data stored on a phone can also be stolen if the user connects to the Internet via an unsecure Wi-Fi network.
This information was revealed by a new research made by ProtectMyID. This research was carried out under Experian’s identity-protection service. According to the data collected in the research of the company, following information is revealed for the Internet usage on smartphones:

Almost 65 percent of the total users of smartphones, store their e-mail and user sensitive data like user IDs and passwords on their phones. The sensitive data of users include the details of information such as online receipts, credit card information, etc. Around 53 percent of users access social networks and applications of social networking sites via the Internet on their smartphones. Accessing of social networking sites several times from the phone could reveal personal information stored on social networking websites. The information stored on social networking websites may be names, working location, date of birth, etc. Some users even store their passwords for their online banking accounts and transactions on their phones.

Around one third of the total Smartphone users take the benefit of public Wi-Fi spots. Using Wi-Fi at such public places is considered to be highly unsecure and almost 29 percent of smartphone users takes advantage of such public places, where you can access the Wi-Fi network on your device. By using such public Wi-Fi networks, the users of smartphone make themselves vulnerable to security attacks. Around 19 percent of such smartphone users conduct online banking and transactions, while using such public Wi-Fi networks. The information regarding the local computer or device in a Wi-Fi network can be easily stolen. So, people using such services are highly vulnerable to security threats. The accounts, PIN, ID and password could be revealed in a local Wi-Fi network. According to Experian, around 10,000 smartphones get stolen every month.