Sony  seems to always come up with new discoveries especially in the camera arena. They have now come up with still digital camera with 1080 / 60p cameras with full video HD capacities and not the least it also has a provision to capture 3 D still image captures to add to the already feature rich camera. Unveiling its 5 new compact cameras at the CES 2011 show, the Sony company has been rated number one in the camera arena. These include the world’s first still compact cameras that also support 3 D sweep panoramic imaging.

It has 16.2-megapixel CMOS sensors, 10fps burst shooting as well as capabilities of dual recording that allow one to take shots in still photography as well as videos at the same instance. Alongside the 1920 x 1080 at 60p video capability of DSC-TX100V camera, the new DSC-TX10, DSC-HX7V, DSC-WX10 and DSC-WX9 cameras can record movies in 60i in 1080 AVCHD format. The TX100V is being also the 1st Cyber-shot camera coming from Sony offers a 3.5-inch (8.8cm) OLED touch-screen which promises smooth and fast playback with good, rich color contrasts and deeper blacks in the look of the camera.

This new cyber – shot range is a follow up on the previous models and while there was a still photography facility, this has been enhanced in the latest version. The 3 D technology requires 2 shots of the same and which is in two different modes to give depth to the capture. This makes it 3 D. You can display the images on compatible televisions. Another feature lets you take panoramic shots in one press – and – sweep – motion.

Another feature is the sweep in multi angle mode which enables you to see images on the camera’s 3 inch screen in moving simulated 3 D mode. This camera named ‘Sweep Multi Angle’ allows you to view images  and the shooting feature can capture 15 images with different angles, compiling them in one photo to create the 3 D like effect to display on a larger screen too.

This camera employs 16.2-m.pxl “Exmor-R” back illuminated CMOS technology of sensors which provides excellent dim light performance as well as to 10fps burst of shooting. All the models feature an improved auto mode – which are called the ‘Superior Auto’ and ‘Intelligent Auto’ modes – enabling the new ranges in the Cyber-shot cameras to recognize automatically the correct scene mode, and then very quickly shoot as well as combine up six multi shots to give you images which have greater clarity, and an equal or good dynamic range. It uses backlight correction technology of the HDR and lesser image noise with six-shot multi-layering technology.

One can well see that technology wise, the cameras are superb and are in good stead of procuring many types of users. It therefore, only remains to be seen, if there is anyone else to beat Sony, at the camera game.