CES 2011 was yet another annual event where the best technologies and gadgets are showcased from around the world. However, you may be wondering as to what were the coolest gadgets. Here is a list of some of the coolest gadgets.

1.Polaroid GL20 Camera Glasses

Joining forces with Polaroid, Gaga, the character in a novel has helped create the Polaroid GL20 Camera Glasses, which can get images that can be displayed on the outside of lenses for the world to admire. There is no news about when these will be available.

2.Motorola Atrix smartphone and Xoom tablet

Mobile makers rather giants Motorola, have come up with a smart mobile technology in the Atrix which is an IPad! It is debuting over the bell network and is due for release in January of 2011.It is so powerful that it can be docked over a network to serve as a personal computer substitute.

3.BlackBerry PlayBook: The upcoming gadget BlackBerry tablet cool and freaking. Based on what models were available on CES show, it has insanely faster multimedia, facilities to multitask and do things that the Motorola IPad can’t.

4.Sony HDR-PJ Handycams

When you want to shoot a video you want it to be shared. Now the new line of handycams from Sony are just those with the flip out model to share the photos through beaming images equal to a 60-inch TV on walls or the ceilings, five meters away. This is the HDR-PJ series of Handycams which will be available in April this year.

5.Samsung 9 Series laptop

If you want to move from a PC to a Mac because it looks so good, you ought to go for the MacBook Air, Samsung Series 9 laptop which is the one you want. Taking many features from Apple’s engineers, a devastatingly sleek body has been created by Samsung which is a lightweight tablet of 1.4 kilos and a super crisp LED screen.

These are some of the cool products on the CES show and are making waves all over the ’Show. To cap it all the CES winner is Motorola for its Atrix IPad and tablet where it uses the Google software. The tablet is designed to provide great flexibility in working outdoors. It hosts the Android operating system and has been declared the winner.

One thing is for sure. Of all the products on show at CES, the above given products made ripples and have been the talk of the show. To everyone’s surprise, the winner was announced as Motorola and Atrix has great features. While the Motorola tablet runs on Honeycomb the software version of Android the software from Google. There are many contenders and the winning streak of Motorola was extended to 2 of its products. These products were very much liked and have become favorites for many of those who were at the CES Show.