The Nexus one is Google’s flagship Smartphone, which is manufactured by Taiwan’s HTC Corporation. It became available on January 5, 2010 and it uses the android open source mobile operating system. The ability to transcribe voice on text, noise canceling dual microphones and GPS guided turn-by-turn voice directions to drivers are the main features of this phones. But now Google has finally admitted that its online only availability of the Nexus One Phone was a failure, and it will now bring the device to retail stores like it should have last year.

Samsung introduced its most powerful phone, Galaxy S. it is powered by Android 2.1, the Smartphone boasts a 4-inch super AMOLED display, a 1GHz processor, a 5-megapixel camera and is the first phone with Samsung’s new smart life user interface. It is the first Super phone which has managed to come out on Top. Now porting quake 3 to devices has become a national past time for some developers out there and now the game has been given its paces through Samsung’s own super-device, this results are quite revealing.

Galaxy S vs. Nexus One

Nexus one can render 22 million triangles per second and galaxy s can render a staggering 90million triangle per second. Nexus one is the fist Android phone and galaxy S is the most powerful phone. Nexus has latest Android OS Froyo 2.2 but is running on Éclair 2.2 in the video, and galaxy S has Éclair 2.1, 2.2 are round the corner. Galaxy S also known as Vibrant, will have front facing VGA camera, no LED flash, better multi touch handling, 720p video recording without rooting. It can play game better than the Nexus One.

According to the Android Police, Quake 3 has now been ported to both devices and it acts as a great test of each device’s gaming capabilities. If it was made for the super AMOLED handset, clearly the numbers are right-this is best android device for gaming.

Samsung has designed its won social networking aggregator for Android. It has other features like, a smart sharing, DLNA media sharing, daily briefing which lets you customize news, weather feeds etc. The software keyboard of this Samsung ph is quite easy to type on for its large screen. It will also ship with Skype, however for gesture-based typing. The others important features are, more of the Galaxy S’s Layar reality Browser, and the browser will deliver rich augmented reality content as well as variety of advanced location based service. The galaxy S is available from this summer; it will come in an 8GB model as well as a 16 GB model.