George Hotz, alias, Geohot, who is popularly known for hacking Play Station 3 and the iPhone, has recently shown interest towards Windows Phone 7 jailbreak scene. No software/technology firm will appreciate a hacker who will hack copyright stuff as it’s an offence against intellectual property right.

Sony has taken strict measures against this hacker and they have also filed a case against him and same goes with Apple as they also did not appreciate Geohot messing with the iPhone. Strangely, Microsoft has taken a different approach and has welcomed Geohot to jail break Windows Phone 7 and wanted him to point out the areas of weakness in the operating system.

Geohot has clearly mentioned in his blog that he is very keen on buying a Microsoft Windows 7 phone. He also appreciated the way Microsoft has treated the jail breakers which was more appropriate according to him compared to Sony and Apple. Appreciation from a hacker is what Microsoft has in mind? Not very sure about it, but definitely the opinion will give birth to a much stronger and powerful protection for Windows operating system software.

Couple of months ago some of the renowned hackers got together and brain stormed to create Chevron WP7 tool. This was a breakthrough by the hackers where any user across the globe can hack Windows Phone 7 and access the application software and adjust as per his needs without paying the yearly rental for its usage to Microsoft.
In fact Windows’s Phone 7 Developer Experience Director Brandon Watson welcomed the hackers to clarify and take suggestion from these hackers of the potential loop holes in the operating system of Windows Phone 7. The approach was different but definitely a wise one.

The hackers had an open discussion with the developers and both sides gave valuable inputs and after long discussions they concluded on a stronger solution for the Windows Phone 7 developers’ intellectual property rights. This approach by Microsoft has been seen as a breakthrough across the globe and has surprised the competitors.

Geohot is one exceptional hacker who has claimed his fame by jail breaking Apple’s mobile operating system. He was also helpful to provide suggestions to the Apple operating system’s developer team the solution of how to give complete protection to the software.

Geohot has new plans for 2011 when he clearly wants to jailbreak Windows Phone 7 and also was keen to provide all the necessary suggestions to the Microsoft developer team to protect the operating system.