Security is the prime concern for any organization or a person. It is applicable here in case of mobile phones also. We all know that the mobile phone market is being flooded with new and never before models each day. It has gone a long way from the initial stages of the mobile phone industry. The operating systems on mobile devices are prone to several security threats. To combat the situation, the development team of Google Android has come up with some solutions which are safe and easy to apply.

Android team has come up with a solution to malicious threats to your device. It was reported that these malicious applications get your device’s information as IMEI No. and other unique codes that are vital to your device in terms of proper working and safety concerns. But there are other risks involved in it as these exploiters are able to get other data and after that they are able to exploit you and commit some crimes like identity theft.

Taking a serious step towards this, the Android team has taken it seriously and that is why Google has decided to remove infected apps remotely. It is all possible and the user is intimated by the support team of Android. If a device is found infected, a mail is sent to the user.