Google has announced the launch of the Google Translate app for the Apple iPhone. This application will enable its users to speak into the phone and the speech will be converted into text. The application translates the speech and it will be available in a text format. It is called as the “speak to translate” application. This enables a voice input in fifteen different languages and the text message for its translation is received in fifty different languages. The use of this app is also very easy and can be done by any person. To use the apps, one just has to press the microphone button which appears next to the text box and then keep talking. Also the translation can be heard in twenty three different languages and this is also a feature of the application. The speech synthesizer that this application uses is the same which the Google translate option uses and this application was introduced last month.

The app is not just about talking and listening the speech back. iPhone and Google have made some small improvements to ease out things for its valued customers. For instance the translation can be seen in a full screen mode available as an option in the iPhone. This enables the user to have a full and a proper view of the translation and also shows the translation to another person. For this the user just has to use the zoom button. This feature also includes a dictionary which helps in getting the translation of the words in a different language. This is a must try application for people who travel to other countries often.