All the gadgets that are supported by battery are the most reliable one. As the power failure factor is negligible. But the problem comes with the battery life that the device provides to the users. It might be that the device provides an excellent battery life. But there are equal chances of a device having a very bad battery backup. The backup that the battery provides to the user also depends on the usage. There are many ways in which the user wastes the battery of the device and then complains to the organization that the device is not giving sufficient battery backup as said earlier. So it is necessary that the customer is aware of the fact that there should be a proper usage of the device to enhance the battery life.

The iPad provides 12 hours back up when the device is completely new. Generally the device is regularly charged and many applications keep continuous running behind the screen taking away the life of the battery. There are various ways to increase the life of the battery by simply considering some points. Following are some steps that need to be performed so that the battery power is utilized in the maximum way:

Step 1: Incase the iPad is not the major device for checking email, the user has to check in the mail settings to confirm that the push is turned off and the fetch set to manually. The user has to follow this path:Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendar> Fetch New Data.

Step 2: The user is required to turn off the Bluetooth. He has to follow the following steps: Go to Settings > General and Bluetooth will be the fourth item listed. Set the slider to Off.

Step 3: When the user is not using not using the Wi-Fi, then he should turn I off. The path required to follow is: Settings > Wi-Fi and set the slider to off. Turn it back on when the user wants to get online.

Step 4: The user has to disable the social networking music service named Ping. This actually uses a lot amount of battery life. The path is: Settings > General and enable Restrictions. Enter a four-digit passcode, and slide Ping to off.

Step 5: All the applications that are running in the background must be closed. Even the Google maps and other GPS applications must also be closed. This is because it drains out battery life continuously.

Step 6: The brightness of the screen must be adjusted in such a way that the battery remains saved and the brightness of the screen is also adjustable. This process can be performed by these steps: Settings > Brightness & Wallpaper and adjust the slider.

So by performing the above mentioned steps the user can save the battery life of the device and thus utilize at the maximum profit. This also increases the battery performance.