HP’s has introduced its seven-inch Zeen Android tablet PC and that comes along with the PhotoSmart eStation C510 printer system. Apparently this unit of the tablet pc is quite closer to the final and unfortunately, the stock of Android home screen has been totally removed but still this action is in favor of the TouchSmart UI. As you must have guessed, there is also no Gmail application or Market access, available. Although there is a homegrown e-mail client available to and a fair bit of integration with the Yahoo services like Mail and Messenger.

Apart from this the Facebook application is preloaded in HP’s Zeen C510 Android and the screenshot shows applications just for 60 Minutes, Dreamworks, and MSNBC, so it looks like that there will be some video action going on .There is also a printing application and coupons application. It prints coupons but maybe HP’s trying to surprise us from this. We are told that the software in this version of HP’s Zeen C510 Android tablet is quite better than the earlier Zeen units and also the previously-bad touch screen has been improved but that there is still work to be done before it can be projected in late September launch. We request to you to don’t get your hopes up about this product as it’s not a piece of perfection. Snagging is seen in this model without a printer, though we are told that the solo SKU has been canceled and the bundled product with the smart printer and the Android machine HP’s Zeen C510 Android tablet will be available to you at only $399. Now you have to guess that does it make sense to buy as it’s all about webOS from HP. If you are looking for a machine that can give you the performance along with fare compatibility then probably then HP’s Zeen C510 Android tablet will not a good option for you because Hp can’t provide you everything in a $399 budget. So, if you want to buy a machine that will give you performance and compatibility then you have to open up your pocket a bit more. Apart from that Android is not very familiar among the peoples and applications available in the market are not as much as for other operating systems. In just $399 you can get a Android machine from HP along with a printer too, what else you need in such a budget. It will perform all your basic tasks regarding the basic computing that includes working with the documents and surfing the web in such a small companion in terms of size and price too.

Apart from the feature and specifications available in HP’s Zeen C510 Android tablet, the cost of this machine is much affordable and this machine is in accordance with low- budget users. The price range of this Android tablet machine will tend the user to buy this machine.