HTC incredible S has several advanced features such as an 8 mega pixel camera and a 1 GHZ ultra fast processor. It provides a really great experience while browsing the web. With it, you will get a smooth web browsing experience. HTC incredible is a complete package of fun and work at the same time. The moment you look at it, it feels like magic. The eye catching design is 10/10. It has given a new meaning to touch technology.

It has a never before 4” screen which gives you a high definition (HD) video experience. Not only the screen, the speakers also give out a great audio experience and at the same time are very live. Because there are surround sound speakers, music is like never before. It has offers a whole new definition for everything, whether it is its appearance or its speed, everything is outstanding. It has an 8 MP camera to capture and cherish all the golden moments of your life and replay it whenever you want. So live it again when you want.

Let’s have a look at the applications it has. With the super sense apps you are able to keep yourself updated with the weather around you. With the smart map apps, you can store all the important maps you need and within seconds your desired map with details is just before you. With zoom in and out features it is possible for you to view all the things in a very detailed way. With DLNA technology it is possible for you to view TV. All it takes is a simple touch of your finger. One of the most important features you would really love are all the e-mail accounts in a single inbox.

Now it is time to live life king size with HTC incredible S whether you want to listen music or view videos. Here is all in a new way. With the crystal clear screen, one not only views but feels it very live with a never before sound quality. The connectivity options like 3G, GPRS, EDGE, and Wi-Fi all are there to keep all the possible ways to stay connected to the world. It has a 1.1 GB internal memory.