There is a big buzz that HTC is planning to add more multimedia features in its upcoming phones. HTC is a big name in the touch sensitive cell phone manufacturing industry. It is a path breaking and a trend setter name in the field of telecommunication. There are many path breaking features like motion sensors that detect the distance between you and the phone. There are thermal sensors that offer a never before experience. There are different features that make it the biggest sellout in the market. The smart phone maker HTC is a market leader and to maintain the position it is planning to invest a whooping $40 million to develop a cloud gaming feature OnLive as per the Wall Street Journal reports. HTC’s spokespersons have said that all the efforts are made to develop and offer more games to play on the smart phones.

OnLive is a big name in PC gaming (video games) on the Internet. Through this service one can get connected through their televisions and enjoy playing games. This device is called OnLive Micro Console that makes possible to play games online on television. This feature is available at a rent of $9.99 per month. OnLive is not a new player as it announced its future plans to integrate its services with High Definition (HD) televisions, Blu-ray Disc players and also smart phones as well. OnLive has collaboration with Apple to offer its catalogue of games and the way it is played, but it is a limited service as there is no facility to play the game online on your Apple smart phone.

With the killer looks of touch screen, HTC is all set to take on all its competitors as it is making strategic investment plans which are very aggressive. It is hoped that HTC will add a new chapter in this new multimedia gaming battle. All the eyes are set on tech arena.

HTC’s plan to enter into the mobile gaming arena is just to capture the opportunity which is still to be exploited. In different market studies done, it has been revealed that mobile gaming is going to be a huge earning opportunity. It was revealed that more than 70 percent downloads on the mobiles were gaming applications. HTC is not only planning to enter in the gaming zone, but it is also planning to join hands with some of the digital multimedia service providers that are there to provide on demand video service as well. Through these services one is able to view videos on demand. HTC has not revealed the terms and conditions of the deals but it is expected somewhere around $48.6 million.