Microsoft came into the Mobile operating system development in the early 2004. The development was initially very slow and there were some project, like Windows Mobile “Photon” was put on hold as well. But in 2008, Microsoft understood the profit and future of Mobile operating system and started putting extra effort to develop high class mobile operating system. Windows Phone 7 is Microsoft’s venture in mobile operating system and it’s the latest mobile operating system by Microsoft after Windows Mobile. Windows Phone 7 comes with new and rich user interface and it also has a good control over hardware it runs on.

The user interface in Windows Phone 7 is known as “Start screen” which is made as “Tiles”. Tiles are various application, functions and features available on the phone.

It also comprises most of the applications for popular social networking like Facebook and Windows Live. Windows Phone 7 also contains Internet Explorer which allows you to browse websites exactly as you browse on your computer. Zune makes Windows Phone 7 more unique and desirable, it will help you to manage all you multimedia files on your phone.

In UK, the Windows Phone 7 will be launched with HTC Mozart with the help of Orange. It is the biggest news so far and people are eagerly waiting to see the wonderful combination of HTC smartphone and Windows 7 mobile operating system.

Although there is no clear specification and features were disclosed for HTC Mozart, it is to be believed that HTC Mozart will have 3.7’ inch WXGA super LCD display and will have support of 1GHz processor. The smartphone will have 8 megapixel camera for bigger pictures and better picture quality. Mozat will also enrich your audio experience as it will support Dolby sound.

The Phone comes with some other great features like proximity sensor and accelerometer. It is also suspected that HTC Mozart will be a free phone with the monthly service plan of £35.

The phone will have built-in service provider applications like Orange Maps, Your Orange, Daily Orange and Orange Wednesdays. Tom Alexander, CEO of Orange said that Orange has already developed windows-based smartphone with Microsoft in 2002 and so far they have sold over two million smartphones. He also stated that Windows 7 would bring will bring the change in the industry and provide a better option to customer with security and performance.

It has always been hard to choose a smartphone and the task if going to get more complicated with this recent launch of HTC Mozart with Windows 7 operating system.