With the latest iPods entering this market, it will be better to be updated on what each one has to offer. Here is a short sneak peak about what these iPods have to offer to gadget freaks.

Apple iPod Touch

CNET: Apple’s latest version of iPod Touch has not changed dramatically from the version first introduced in year 2007, but the rest of the tech world has really changed. It’s now the age of “apps” the iPad and smartphones both big and small. The iPod Touch shouldn’t apologize for being Apple’s “iPhone without a phone” anymore; it’s just as valid to call it an iPad that fits in your pocket.”

PC Mag: As iPod touch is not a phone it cannot make use of phone numbers for FaceTime video chats. However, it can make use of e-mail addresses

USA Today: The iPod touch has a good high resolution 3.5 inch Retina display similar to the screen of the iPhone 4. However, it lacks the wide viewing angle of the iPhone 4 and is also a bit dimmer than the iPhone.

Engadget: The feel and touch of the phone seems to be better than its predecessors but there is not much big difference. All in all, the playback of this piece is awesome but there is some need of work to be done on the speaker voice.

iPod Nano

The Telegraph: The feature of watching films and recording is a huge positive point. The battery is also good and its feel and overall touch is something that will make fanatics go gaga over it. However, to the flip side its design is far away from that of an iPod.

TechCrunch: This iPod has a solid sound quality and is much more efficient just like its predecessors. The 24 hour audio music is simply great and the battery life is simply something which music lovers will cherish. One negative point about this iPod is it can’t play video files as Apple had removed the video support.

iPod Shuffle

T3: It has an awesome battery power which gives 14 hours of continuous play. The supplied headphones are not the best ones but still in accordance with normal standards that come with the iPod shuffle.

The Loop: The idea of putting the buttons on the iPod has made this gadget more useful. This has broken the habit of reaching the remote as they are now using the buttons. These were some of the reviews of the latest iPods which are all set to capture the hearts of the gadget freaks.

Business Week: The control of the shuffle originally found on the second generation model has come back with the new iPod Shuffle. The VoiceOver and the digital voice which announce the titles of the songs are still great.