Microsoft has achieved its initial objective with 1.5 million phones in Windows 7 Phone sold worldwide in just two months time. This is the best performance ever by a version of a Smartphone says Aaron Woodman, Director Mobile Communication Business at Microsoft. Certainly, with such a figure, the software company is still behind the performance of archrival. It has sold 14 million iPhones in one quarter in the world.

Another major concern for Microsoft is now to safely perform the first updates of Windows phone. In the coming months, users can connect their phone to their computer and download the new version. An operation that will be even longer to realize that there will be content in the phone. The stakes are high for the group. This is the first time when the company will establish such an operation, said Aaron Woodman. We must anticipate all scenarios. Including the blunders of consumers, the risk of a phone unplugged from the PC in the middle of the update. However, the data content of the phones are valuable to their owner and the product must remain continuously available. The challenge promises to be complicated and the group prefers to take the time rather than risk a failure.

This copy and paste function will be quite similar interfaces of iOS and android handhelds.  The updates will also make the phone more efficient. Gamers online will earn 15 to 20 seconds of download time. In fact, the most relevant application is graphical, the greater the difference between the old and the new version will be. Microsoft also highlights the 5500 applications now available and the 20,000 registered developers. 100 new applications are created every 24 hours informed Steve Ballmer. It builds on all these improvements to continue to nibble market share in Smartphones. A process that will, by the admission of the group, “long term” but “consistent”

The ability to copy and will not come alone to WP7 , but that will come with improvements in other aspects of the system. One of them is the fastest search in store “Marketplace” and load times much faster in games and applications.