How about showing your creative skills digitally? With Adobe’s two new digital drawing devices “Ink and Stylus”, you can showcase your creativity with ease. Designed to be used with Apple’s iPad, Adobe’s new creative hardware Ink is a sleek pressure-sensitive stylus having Adonit Pixelpoint technology. It is meant to offer artistic control along with unmatched accuracy. While on the other hand, Adobe’s Slide is a digital ruler designed to let you make perfect circles, straight lines, etc.

Together, these hardware tools are believed to offer designers completely different tablet drawing experience, much different than the usual stylus.

Integration with Creative Cloud

In order to make these devices all the more powerful, these devices are connected with Creative Cloud so you can browse your creative assets in album-like format and share them via e-mail, AirDrop, or Behance.

However, to be able to show your creative talent using these Adobe’s products, ensure to meet the basic requirements, including iPad 4th generation, iPad Mini, iPad Mini with Retina display, or iPad.

As far as the availability of the products is concerned, right now these are only available in the U.S. for $199.99.