iPhone is manufactured and marketed by Apple. It can be termed as a next generation smart phone. Four versions of the iPhone have been successfully launched by Apple and is almost ready with the fifth generation phone. Though the basics of all the iPhones remain the same and are all based on the original iPhone, there have been a lot of modifications hence, some as per the demand and some for the betterment. For instance the iPhone 3 had a high resolution camera and a compass attached to it while the iPhone 4 had dual camera, one at the front and the other at the rear. The fifth and the latest iPhone may have an A5 processor.

The A5 processor is designed by Apple but is manufactured by TSMC. The whole idea of creating the A5 processor was to replace the A4 processor with it. It was released first with Apple iPad 2 which is the most recent iPad. Some of the features of this A5 processor include its 1 GHz dual core ARM based CPU. This CPU is twice as powerful as the earlier version of the CPU. The GPU which is Power VR SGX543MP2 in the A5 is nine times more powerful than the first one. The package apart from this also contains a 512 MB RAM which has a low power DDR2 and which has been clocked at 1066 MHz.

Apple has recently stated about the operating system of its iPhone that the latest version of the iPhone will have a dual core processor. The A4 processor was the operating system for the iPad and then for the iPhone 4 and lastly it was teamed with the iPod touch and the Apple TV. After the A4 operating system when the A5 processor was out Apple decided to club it with the iPad 2 and now with iPhone 5. With the discovery of the code name for A5 processor which is within iOS 4.3’s code, the N94AP code name will signify the iPhone’s past device code name, which is not yet released. This name was also linked with S5L8940, which is also within the A5 iOS code.

It’s not fixed that the latest iPhone that is the iPhone 5 will have a dual core processor but will have a new and fresh processor compared to the last year’s launch.