Just two days to go from the official unveiling of Apple’s line up of it latest Mac product, and yet again the media is sprawling with “dissected” images of the new MacBook Air features.

Apple is set to launch a set of Mac products in its event called “Back to the Mac,” which is going to be considered a hallmark event to bring the popularity of Mac products back after the hype of iPhone, iPod and now the iPad.

Engadget had tipped of the media by showing the latest specifications and cross sections of the MacBook Air which include the following:

  • Inclusion of four extra batteries
  • 13.3 “ screen display
  • Multitouch trackpad with integrated button
  • Core 2 dual processors

These are just some of the hyped up specifications that are being reported in the media. However the last leak that everyone was surprised about was the iPhone 4 which caused much uproar after it was left in a bar. Call this new leak a marketing stunt or a glitch.