Justin.tv has recently announced its new app (iTunes link) as part of its expansion plans for it already popular video streaming and broadcasting website. Moreover the new app is part of Justin.tv’s expansion plans into the smartphones and Android area, in order to increase it customer base further.

The release has been announced just after Justin.tv had announced its first live mobile streaming app for Android, which includes some features that are iPhone-specific. These new apps are a part of Justin.tv initiatives to distinguish itself from other apps creators particularly in the line of video subscriptions.

The important feature of the new application, is to enable users to stream live to Justin.tv from their iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS handsets. However if you already have a  Justin.tv’s video viewing app, then this new app will be added to your streaming capabilities free of cost. This will certainly increase the overall user base of Justin.tv as that already has a user base of 2 million users.

Justin.tv’s live streaming app takes advantage of hardware encoding on the devices. This will enable users to have continuous streaming of entertainment, in spite of the switching between 3G and Wi-Fi networks as they move between 3G and WiFi networks.