Kingston has recently launched a Wi-Drive which is a portable pocket sized portable device that can be used with different Apple devices. The Wi-Drive will work with iPod touch 3rd generation and 4th generation, iPhone (3G, 4G and 3GS) and iPad.  The Wi-Drive as the name suggest has an integrated Wi-Fi and offers battery life of four hours.  Besides storage, the Wi-Drive is also intended to make the file sharing easy between different Apple devices.  Let’s take a look at what new features this device offers to its users.

The content stored on Wi-Drive can be directly accessed by iOS devices such as iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad.  Users can store their videos, music, eBooks, documents and other files on this drive. The Wi-Drive will then stream the data wirelessly to users of iOS device. You are not required to have a local Wi-Fi connection to stream the data to iOS devices. The Wi-Drive has its own built in Wi-Fi to communicate with mobile devices. Users will however need Wi-Drive app to stream the data from Wi-Drive to iOS devices. Users can download the Wi-Drive app for free   by visiting the online app store. Three users can access the data stored on the Wi-Drive simultaneously. Users can also connect the Wi-Drive to iOS devices through an USB cable.

Kingston is offering Wi-Drive in two different storage capacities; 16 GB model and 32 GB model. The company is also selling the Wi-Drive directly. The company is offering the 16GB Wi-Drive for $149 while the 32 GB Wi-Drive model retails at $199. Users have the option to buy the Wi-Drive from other vendors such as Amazon, J&R, Fry’s and Newegg who are offering the Wi- Drive at lower prices. Users can buy the 16 GB Wi-Drive for $129 while they can get the 32 GB Wi-Drive model for $179 from these online stores. The Wi-Drive is somewhat similar to GoFlex Satellite portable storage offered by Seagate. However, GoFlex Satellite 500 GB model retails at $199.

The Wi-Drive is more energy efficient because it is flash memory drive and not platter based hard drive. The portable device is around 0.3” inches thick. it is extremely light and weighs around 86.18 gms.   The Wi-Drive has three LED lights that can be only seen when they light up. The three LED lights show the data transfer activity, Internet connectivity and Wi-Fi network.  The device has a common USB mini port that is used for charging the device and also to connect the drive to other devices through USB port. The Wi-Drive also allows the clients to connect to Internet without switching the network.

Though Wi-Drive is intended for use with iOS devices, these devices also work with other operating systems such as Android and Linux 2.6 version and later versions.