In one of the recent news update from the world of electronics, LG has actually beat its rival Samsung in updating to Android system 2.2 Froyo on the LG Ally smartphone. Verizon has actually begun to push for over the air (OTA) system for the LG Ally to 2.2 Android Froyo along with other significant improvements. The update of the software is called LB VS40ZVD and it is far better than other types of software system. It has an enhanced system of security settings and an improved Bluetooth. There are many systems and as a result we see that the options that are available with the people regarding this new device is indeed one of the best that one can expect from an electronic gadget.

Among other features of Froyo, a person can enjoy a lot of other useful applications. There are many types of applications that can be available on your cell phone these days, but this device offers unique features like the Adobe Flash system. It enables faster browsing and a person can now avail the services and it is indeed one of the most essential features in today’s world where the usage of Internet is indeed very high. It also offers the features to store various types of application on a micro SD card.

The size of the software update is 52.3 MB, which takes around 12-15 minutes for the download process to end and 5 minutes for the process of updating. There will be notifications available on LG Ally. All you need to do is press the ‘install now’ option and the process of installation will begin.

If you happen to be moving around, you will not get the updates until you are connected via Wi-Fi. During the process of installation or updating, you will not get any calls or notifications. There are a lot of features that you can expect from this latest offering.

It includes advanced security options like the device lock, device wipe, complexity of password and also minimal password length. You can get the list of the last eight applications used by pressing the home key. The process of Bluetooth apps voice dialing actually displays all the voice instructions and repeats then for further accuracy.

The browser is fast, which enables an easy connection to the web. There are various social applications too that can be highly beneficial to the people. There are a lot of options to look forward to and you can enjoy all the necessary aspects of the device.