It is well known that Samsung has had many a problem sending updates for the Android 2.2 Froyo for their smart phones. The LG Ally from Verizon is preparing to receive the updates. It brings with it a wipe for a remote device and added security measures for passwords, voice dialing from Bluetooth, much better browser performance as well as faster download of Java Script pages, quick reconnection of data after calls on voice, updated directory of contacts with a combo of Google as well as corporate accounts.

The improvements in the update include enhanced audio output, improved EAS syncing; and the ES provisioning feature that is available on Microsoft Exchange Server. The following is the method to use the update on your Samsung Galaxy S:

First of all, download the software 2.2.1 XXJPY version and save the zip file on your system desktop. After installing the file, open the Odin 1.3 client so that you can install this download of firmware in your device. After installing, you will see the welcome screen.

Rooting with super user users rights will give your Android device, the ability to install several applications that are handy on the device. While, this is still Froyo, as its name means, the Android 2.2.1 is a release for bug fixing. It however, means more for Samsung Galaxy S. Many of the Swedish Galaxy S owners are sending in reports of a speed up in the device operation after using this update. This is a nice surprise as the Galaxy S has had its share of lagging issues since the release of its software.

LG Ally will now receive its Android 2.2 updates. An upgrade for the system software will come soon, according to news from Verizon. It will bring enhancements that will be in the mid range of improving smart phone performance and utility. LG Ally debuted during the summer using the Android OS 2.1, but is going to soon move up with an update from a new version of the Android operating system.