Earlier the concept of smartphones was not there, people were content with the cellular phone itself because of the fact that it helped in easy access to the near and dear ones. Cell phones have had a tremendous impact on the mode of communications, making it highly efficient and smooth. The mobile phones are portable, hence you can carry it to places. You can always keep it with you and use it during times of emergency. With the help of cell phones, you can actually contact with your friend from one corner of the globe to another corner of the globe. Smartphones have changed the way mobile phones were conceived earlier. Brands like Nokia, Samsung and Blackberry, all have smartphones which have improved features and functions. Apple iPhone 4 actually lives up to the expectation of being the best phone this season. It has all the necessary qualities that a smartphone should have.

Recently, LG unveiled a stylish line up of Android-based phones. The unveiling event included the super slick phone, that is, Optimus Black P970. The features of this phone include high definition resolution and NOVA display. It is sleek and beautiful, which exudes complete style and panache. The improved features like that of 3G facility, GPS, Internet and portability are additional benefits. This phone is actually designed for business class people where they have to use the Internet more often. The new 3G facility in LG Optimus Black P970 actually helps to access your e-mails a lot faster and smoother.