Line2 is a VoIP application that allows user to make call over a 3G data connection. By using this application over 3G data network, users will be able to save their important voice minutes.

Such services are also provided by other companies like Google and Skype. Google voice and Skype are a similar application that allows you to make voice calls over the internet connection. The charge for these applications is around $15 per month after an initial 30 days free trial. Unlike Google and Skype, Line 2 will charge only 1$. Not only 1$ is the worth of application but it also provides many features that makes your money worth. A dedicated number can be allotted via this application. This will greatly help user to identify you on their phones. With the help of this application, you can get a local number or even transfer your existing number. This application allows users to take the benefits of powerful office phone features. These phone features include call waiting, call forwarding, call transfer, etc.

With Line2 application you can take benefit of Auto Attendant. It is a feature provided by this application through which incoming calls can be routed to the right person automatically. It act like 24/7 receptionist or attendant for incoming call. Every time you need to press the key ‘1’ to make auto attendant active.

Another interesting feature of Line2 VoIP application is call conference. Up to 20 peoples are allowed to talk simultaneously via call conference feature. Another important feature of Line2 includes the support for voicemail features. Now you can send Voicemail, if the attendant is not able to receive your call. Voicemails are recorded voice messages that can be sent as e-mail. In this way Line2 simplifies the communication needs. A Virtual Assistant is provided to make application easier to use. It gives notification and helping tips to the user while operating the application. It also announces call and greetings on the home screen of user. This application supports simultaneous call forwarding up to six numbers.

With the help of VoIP applications, international call rates become affordable to the user. Such application offers very cheap call rates for international calling.