The CES 2011 and the tablet explosion are definitely headed towards technological innovations to the common man with applications, beyond imagination erstwhile. As early as March / April 2009, MasterCard launched their application called, ATM Hunter for the iPhone, with capability to lead you and your iPhone to any of more than a million ATMs, worldwide. The application automatically senses your intention, integrates with Google maps and gives you the location of various ATMs in the area, as also specific, ATM / Bank chain, if required.

MasterCard’s foray into the smart phone and tablet technology, has won many applauds with the free application, available. This app found its way next into the Blackberry from Research In Motion, very successfully.  19th of January, 2011 saw MasterCard announcing the launch of the ATM Hunter application for Android Smartphones too. It was, definitely the next logical step, bringing it to the next fastest growing platform and a brilliant move at that. The customization of search and search for a specific financial institution, as also specific financial institutions, that do not charge them fees for a transaction. Unlike other ATM finders, MasterCard’s version has a helpful filter to zero in on the following ATM types like surcharge – free, drive through, wheelchair accessible, 24 – hour and deposit sharing. It allows you to text the location of the ATM to a friend, on a share function.

The ATM Hunter application is a boon to MasterCard users. The application can also locate wheel chair accessible and Drive-thru ATMs. In fact, ATM Hunter also enables, card holders reporting of problems, at specified ATM locations, facilitating real-time communication back to MasterCard to report to a non-working ATM or even an ATM that no longer exists at a specific location. The Android revolution has not only set foot in areas like the ATM Hunter app.

This MasterCard initiative and other apps definitely are appearing to be a social boon and the high expectation Android Market has still more, to prove and be successful.