Recently there were complaints on websites from users of Microsoft Windows Phone 7 claiming that their handsets were often sending quite large downloads of data overnight. Now over increased outrage expressed by a percentage of users, Microsoft has acknowledged that some Windows Phone 7-based smartphones are sending anomalous phantom data. Many of its users had claimed that their smartphone was downloading large quantity of mystery data. Microsoft reviewed this anomaly and claims that there is a third party to blame for this behavior. It cited some bug in the third party application. Microsoft claims to already have had this looked into and is in touch with the third party software developer to help solve this issue. Microsoft is working on an override to this phantom data usage also in case the third party software working cannot be revamped.

However Microsoft also states that this isn’t the end of the problem as it is also investigating one more cause. Microsoft released a statement stating that they had found a third-party program commonly accessed from phones to be configured in a manner that was potentially causing larger than expected data downloads. Microsoft is in talk with the third party software developers to support them in developing the essential fixes and is also following possible workarounds to address the configuration issue in case they are needed. Microsoft believes until further investigation that this is the reason for the reported incidents and is examining the root causes for the issues. A small number of Windows Phone 7 customers have been found to be affected. It has reiterated its commitment to get to the bottom of this issue and to update with additional information and guidance as and when it becomes available.

This phantom bug had been wrecking havoc with users’ data download plans with unsolicited downloads causing the users to pay hefty phone bills. Microsoft had been running an investigation for the past 2-3 weeks and its result now will allay fears over using Windows Phone 7 which could have hit sales tremendously. Also Microsoft is under extreme pressure over Windows Phone 7 due to increased competition from its rival Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS so it will be in quite a hurry to clean this mess and provide a solution to the third party so as to exterminate the bug. Also Microsoft claims this data downloading anomaly affects only a small percentage of users so it isn’t a major concern and will be fixed soon. Also a few Apple iPhone users had claimed in June 2010 of recurring mystery data usage with usage reaching 70 MB and these occurred predominantly occurring late at night, typically between 1:00 and 3:00 a.m which had left Apple and AT&T flummoxed for some time.