Microsoft’s brand pseudo smart phones are back at Verizon, this time sporting an M appendage to their names and what looks like better pricing across the board, the Kin ONEm will set you back a cent under 20 $ with a two year contract whereas the TWOm costs just under 50 $ but it is also subject to buy one get one free offer.

Some of readers will remember the Microsoft Kin one and Kin two smart phones that were cancelled a few months ago, duo to lack of demand well it seems they have reappeared and now available from Verizon wireless.

Both of the phone Kin ONEm and Kin TWOm are designed for social media, the Kin ONEm features a circular style design with a touch screen display with resolution of 320 x 240 with five mega pixel camera, the ability to record VGA video and 4GB of built in storage, also a slide out Qwerty keyboard.

The Kin TWOm comes with a touch screen display and a 480 x 320 pixel resolution with eight mega pixel camera, you can record HD video in 720p, and it comes with a single out QWERTY keyboard and has 8GB of in built storage.

Verizon is a wireless phone provider that owns and operates the largest mobile telecommunications network in the United States; it is based on a total of around 93 million. US subscribers only 0.4 million ahead of the second largest provider.

Verizon wireless is one of the two major U.S carries to use CDMA technology the other bring being Sprint Nextel. It invests $8 billion annually to maintain and expand its nationwide CDMA network, Verizon offers voice services as well as 3G data services such as wireless broadband based on EV-DO Rev A text and picture messaging, over the air downloadable applications and content from it’s media center also known as Get it Now, service video on demand in the form of V Cast which allows customers to download and view video content location based services and push to talk.