Finally Microsoft is also entering the smartphone market by releasing its own Operating System (OS) into the smartphone market. It has already been sometime since Apple launched its iPhone and Google showed Android phone to users. The latest Windows Phone 7 will be sold by AT&T and T mobile from 08th Nov in US and by Orange in UK and Europe.

The testing has been  done on two major phones; Samsung Focus and HTC HD7 provided by AT&T and T-Mobile respectively which can cost you $200 each. These two phones are slim and come with virtual keypads and large screens. Although, Microsoft is set to launch nine phones in the series but the tests and research were done on these two phones.

The operating system and software experience of the new phones are very different from Apple iPhone and Google Android. The user interface is very attractive and informative. The screen is not stuffed with large a icons which represent apps and widgets, instead Windows phone displays large and dynamic tiles which gives specific information like appointments and other important tasks.

Microsoft phone 7 displays ‘Hubs’ for contacts and entertainment. Hubs functions uses very attractive and interfaces which provides personalized interface to users.

Microsoft kept all the tempting points in mind but has also missed to incorporate so many important features in Windows Phone 7. Features like visual voicemail, copy        and paste, third party apps multitasking, and the video calling functionality. Windows Phone 7 can also not be used as modem and make other device to connect to internet using smartphone.

All these features are currently available in iPhone and Android phone which makes Windows Phone 7 a step behind.

Apart from it, the long delay in launch of the phone make it way behind when it comes to use and functions of currently available third-party apps.

Currently there are 1,000 apps will be available for Windows Phone 7 but on the other side Android already has 100,000 apps iPhone leads the league with 300,000 apps for it users. This count makes Windows Phone 7 a less desirable in the user group who are very keen to use different apps on their smartphone. It will also take a long time to reach to a level of Android and iPhone and it is also sure that these two companies are not going stop producing new apps for their smartphones.

Windows Phone 7 also lacks multiple home screens and the traditional way to group apps. The ‘pin’ option also gets fussier sometime. This option is used to add your favorite apps and components at one place, but if the list grows bigger, you will need to scroll all the way to up and down to select appropriate app as there is no shortcut to go to top or the bottom of the list.

With such options, right the Windows Phone 7 seems to be in lacking positions. Microsoft has recently revealed that they are working on copy and paste function but it will take an year to be completely incorporated in the phone.