Moleskine is very popular Italian brand which is a collection brand of stationary items like diaries, notebook, planners, album, etc. Moleskine notebooks and other products are very fine and elegant in design; these notebooks are generally designed with coated papers and are mostly rounded corner. The company faced some problems in the beginning due to the shortage of manpower but Moleskine products got the popularity gradually and now they are present in more than 50 countries woth 14,000 book stores.

Moleskine as a brand is supported by widespread communities of enthusiasts across the world. They sketch, write, draw and paint on Moleskine notebooks. These widespread communities often share images of decorated pages through social networks, blogs, or video or photo sharing platforms. Even though these communities are becoming a growing focus of attention for Moleskine Srl, they have grown independently as reported by Business Week in 2007. Official statements say that opinions of Moleskine users are highly valued by Moleskine Srl that also replies personally to everyone through customer care. Not only that, it is also in direct contact with some of the Moleskine communities.

Moleskine has just unveiled two cases for you if you are looking for a way to cover and carry around your iPhone or iPad while seeing clients and attending meetings. The well known Italian brand is about to release a Smartphone cover for the iPhone and a Tablet cover for the iPad; these covers are going to be perfectly tailored to the iPhone   3G and iPhone 3GS. Apart from this, each cover would also include a built in notebook for quick notations.

Talking about the Tablet Cover, it would use the same materials and elastic band as the outside and would also include suede lining to help in preventing scratches; on the other hand the Smartphone Cover, though having the same features, has been scaled to the smaller size. Both the covers would also have subtle rounded corners. Amazon has already started listing both the items, which would be available on November 18.

Both of the cases from Moleskine that are form fitted for the iPhone, iPad, 3G and 3GS stand out from the horde of other products in the market as they have a host of additional attributes than those that are related only to delivering standard protection and style.

The Tablet Cover and Smartphone cover by Moleskine includes a built in Volant notebook with plain pages as mentioned before, which gives the users a handy pen that comes across as very useful, especially when users have to note down important information while surfing the Internet or accessing other features. Additionally, the Smartphone can also be used effortlessly with loudspeakers, headphones and Bluetooth.

Undoubtedly it is a fine example of introducing a user friendly product in the market. How well it meets the expectations depends on individual feedback.