Mophie is one of the leading names in Mobile intelligent devices and accessories. They are popular for their designing and innovation in mobile market. The company is based in California and popularly known for their products like juice pack which is the first device to work with a portable battery case recognized and certified by Apple.

The juice pack air for Apple’s iPhone 4 is available now in the market and can be purchased online from Mophie’s website ( for a price of 79.95 dollars. There are many features provided in this pack and some of them are discussed below.

Juice pack comes along with the power packed features in tiny mobile companion. The biggest challenge for any such product or any such industry is to make their design and functionality compatible and in accordance with the product and this is the reason behind why juice pack becomes the leading innovative brand in mobile design industry.

Juice pack is the Legacy mark in design industry and company has already sold More than one million juice pack units till date. Mophie cases have been developed for every iPhone and iPod touch unit. The juice pack air for iPhone 4 provides very best of seven generations of product development and design.

Juice pack includes a battery Extender and Case which combines rechargeable external battery power that is concealed inside of a protective form-fitting case. The device also comprises a full protection of a hard-shell case along with an ultra-thin, light-weight and low-profile design.

This product has the capability to increase the available power for iPhone 4. A fully charged case of juice can give user up to an additional 6 hours talk time on 3G and up to 12 hours on 2G. Apart from this it can provide up to 36 hours of continuous audio playback and a 9 hours of continuous Video Playback. This juice pack comes along with advanced battery technology.

It comprises of highly condensed lithium polymer battery that delivers an incredible amount of juice in a very small form factor and features built in short circuit, overcharge and temperature protection and it works with quick Speed as it charges with 500 milliamps fast charge technology, along with an advanced battery, as well as 1500 mAh capacity. Apart from these issues it’s a milestone in looks as its Soft-Touch Finish gives it a sleek, trendy and attractive look.

Its sleek design includes a new, rubberized, soft-touch finish and silver band that mirrors. Yet another feature in this pack make it’s technically advance. It comes along with pass-through USB connectors. It includes USB cable that enables simultaneous charge function for you and to sync your iPhone 4 to the iTunes without having to remove it from your juice pack air.

All these features of Mophie’s Juice Pack for iPhone 4 make it the leading innovative mobile designer brand in the market and among the users.