Motorola handsets are the ones that have gained prominence and importance over the past decade. Starting from the very basic models, the brand has introduced a variety of apps and services through its upgraded handsets and a variety of models. The latest news doing the rounds in the technology circles is about the decision of Motorola to pull back its plans to update the Charm (T-Mobile) and Flipout (AT&T) handsets with Android 2.2 Froyo. These smartphones were released with Android 2.1. This further adds them to the growing list of Motorola handsets being left behind on older versions of Android. Thus, there have been more devices in the list that would never see an upgrade. Most recently, the company decided that the Cliq XT would stay on Android 1.5 and it would not have features such as live wallpapers or Google Maps navigation.

After updating its Android software upgrade timeline, Motorola had said that the Flipout and Charm handsets would remain on 2.1 for as long as possible. We can only hope that the new handsets such as Droid X or Atrix 4G get more than one update. Probably the problems arise from having to work with a lot of hardware configurations and form factors. On the other hand, these issues can also stem from the Motoblur interface that overlay Android. It could be possible that Moto integrated the custom UI too heavily, which prevents it from acting quickly for rolling out updates. There could be another likely scenario wherein these phones are not being sold out as much as what was anticipated, and that it would be a loss of time and resources on working on updates for such a limited quantity of devices.