A digitally equipped home is incomplete and insecure without proper security in place. Well, technology has the power to grant most of your wishes, if not all. There are a number of digital security gadgets and tools that move up the radar and put your house in total control. From smoke detectors to thermostat controls and from windows sensors to garage door controls, these tech gadgets allow you to remotely control your home from your laptop, Android device, or an iPad. Moreover, you can set your own programs and sequence of events, connecting multiple systems to one power control.

Take the help of these digital security solutions and give your home a complete and a competent security solution:

  • Lockitron – An intelligent digital security gadget

Place Lockitron over your existing deadbolt and you can easily use your phone to lock/unlock the door from anywhere. Simple, isn’t it? This intelligent digital security tech gadget can sense when someone walks to your door using its Bluetooth technology so that you can open the door through your iPhone from virtually anywhere. Best of all, it informs you if someone tries to mess with it. So, anytime the door opens, you get a notification on your phone, thus putting your home security system under complete control.

But, why just doors, with digital security in place, we can remote control every aspect of our digital presence. Digital Life lets you do just that.

  • Digital Life – The ultimate home automation and digital security system

This home automation and digital security system allows you to remotely setup and control every aspect of your digitally connected home. It connects to your door locks, security cameras, power outlets, smoke detectors, as well as your lights to let you remotely control them from your laptop, iOS, or Android device. Working on AT&T’s 3G network and wireless communication, it allows you to activate security cameras, turn on/turn off lights, as well as unlock the door directly from your device.

Use this tech gadget along with Hue and stay tension-free, whether you are in town or on a trip.

  • Hue – An automated lighting solution that’s worth your attention

Do you fear burglary when you go out of town for an important business meeting or a while going on a long family trip? Now confuse the thieves looking for empty homes by using Hue, a three-pack set of LED bulbs that work through a controller to control your lightening remotely using your smartphone. Well, the usage doesn’t end here. This digital security gadget works with a thermostat control that allows you to program the lights turn red to warm your room or turn them on so that you don’t walk into a dark house.

And, how about a digital security gadget that senses your digital surroundings and talks to your apps in real-time? If you are interested in one such, then take a closer look at Ninja Blocks.

  • Ninja Blocks – Keep all your devices in complete control

Things become much simpler when one tech gadget connects to the other, so that you can directly focus on your app without the need to worry about embedding programming or networking protocols ever again. Ninja Blocks is basically a small, handheld computer that senses the surroundings and does the talking to your apps. And everything that you connect to the device, talks to your smartphone. A knock at the door, and you get an instant notification on your smartphone via your social media handles. A motion detected in your garage, and you get an instant alert on your phone. In short, Ninja blocks is a digital security gadget that keeps all your devices in complete control so that you never miss any important alert or notification!

Facing troubles keeping your house digitally connected? Give us a call and our experienced technicians have all the expertise to answer all your queries and help you install and setup all the latest apps and tech gadgets to keep your house secure and digitally connected.  Not just this, we can also help you better access your needs to find out all the apps and tech gadgets that are right for you.