These days the launch of Windows Phone 7 is a hot discussion on the Internet. Since it is being launched by Microsoft so the anticipation is high and people are waiting to see what it will carry within itself. So far we don’t know a lot but one thing is for sure that this phone will support a number of applications and will pave the way for developers to create more and more applications.

Windows Phones have become so widely popular because of their computer like working nature. Almost any kind of file which can be opened in Windows Operating system can also be used and opened in the Windows Phones and now the version 7 will take it a step ahead. Unlike other phones its only the Windows Phone operating system which allows you to execute the .exe (executable) files to run. Microsoft has also launched the Development Kit for its Windows Phone 7 and this has interested many developers and many application developing companies. Now they have a nice chance to be the first in creating some useful applications which might not be already there in Windows Phones. Software and applications were already being developed by developers but they had no platform to test those applications, and such applications often crashed when actually installed in any Windows Phone. But with the official release of the Development Kit these applications can turn up more rigid and robust.

Windows Phone 7 Operating System is likely to be launched in October this year but Microsoft has already launched the Demo videos for the same. Earlier Windows Phone operating lacked the support for twitter, but now twitter has become so very popular and widely used that Microsoft was ought to bundle the support for twitter and they did it nicely. The application has not been fully developed but the demonstrating videos have shown the glimpse of it and it looked pretty good. Along with twitter Microsoft also demonstrated the support for NetFlix in this operating system. Crystal clear movie playback, high quality audio, and nice video streaming along with demonstration of support for OpenTable, Flixster, and Travelocity were the main highlights in Demo.

Such wide support and integration with various social networks will surely give popularity and acceptability to this new Phone Operating System of Windows. People will surely prefer working on this small hand held device while moving rather than on large laptops or notebooks. This operating system is to be used by many Mobile manufacturing companies and HTC stands the first in confirming release of their new mobile phones powered by the new Windows Phone 7 operating system. HTC has already gain massive success by many of its windows based handsets and will surely continue the same with the integration of version 7.

Windows Phone 7 is just around the hedge and Microsoft is taking major steps to ensure that the developers are on board and posted a video showing their key apps, like Netflix and Twitter.