The expected Nokia N8 should be the last N-series handset to operate on Symbian. MeeGo is a merge of Linux mobile operating systems of Intel and Nokia.

What are flagship devices

The definition of flagship devices can slightly vary upoon the circumstances of it’s use. But generally a flagship device is a primary product of the company and comprise of the best the company has to offer. When it comes to Nokia or other mobile device manufacturers, flagship products should be the latest, feature rich range or a series of phones. For example the Nokia N-series devices.

Issues with Symbian mobile OS

Symbian has been developed and made better in the recent past but not enough to keep up with the standards and requirements of the modern smart phones. Nokia depending on Symbian has been a real obstacle for Nokia phones to compete with the likes of Android and iPhone, which are usually a step forward with quality development platforms, high end features and profound usability.

Fierce competition

Rivals are growing in numbers by each day, so Nokia had to come up with a solution to stay in control of the situation. However they needed to spot their weakness prior to any action. Nokia was lagging behind in the competition mainly because of Nokia’s dependence on Symbian mobile operating systems. Although Nokia would use MeeGo as the platform for N-series flagship devices, it’s mass market handsets will still continue to utilize Symbian as it’s platform.

MeeGo coordinated by Linux

MeeGo, a collaboration of many mobile developers, is essentially an open source platform coordinated by Linux foundation. MeeGo was a merge of two open source mobile platforms from Intel and Nokia, but with the integration of Qt developer platform MeeGo has been amplified with its capabilities.

Open Source advantage

Open source software has its advantages when it come to performance. Sandbox developers are eager to get down and dirty with new concepts and technologies, a reason why open source platform users are naturally well looked after by the community.

Development with Qt

Nokia’s acquisition of Trolltech, was how Nokia obtained Qt, an open source programming framework. The Qt developer toolkit exceeds the limitations of a single platform dependency, thus making it possible for cross platform development. Building software that are cross platform compatible including Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Symbian and MeeGo has been made easy by the remarkably powerful Qt developer toolkit.

Nokia has been producing marvelous innovative devices in the past and would like to continue the success story with slight adjustments such as switching to MeeGo for its flagship N-series devices. But a Nokia device running on MeeGo is yet to appear in the market, hence the reality of the suggested capabilities of the combination still seem quite vague. However with the developer toolkit such as Nokia Qt SDK 1.0, an over-delivery on user expectations is on the cards.