Panasonic which has been in the digital camera arena for some time has launched its new products targeting various consumer categories. These new products will be serving to the needs of various users and camera men who use the device in their own way. Some keep it delicately and while others don’t; some need high zooms and some need more clarity. Panasonic has launched its products for fulfilling such needs. The new models fall in the following three categories: the Super Zoom Cameras, Bright Lens Camera, and Rugged Cameras.

The bright lens cameras have been developed to cater the need of better picture quality and the clarity. This is done by letting the lens open more wide and capture more light into it. This extra light reaching to the sensor results in better picture clarity. The term “Bright lens” was introduced by Sony for promoting their wide lens cameras and now has become a criterion for selecting a camera for purchase. Conventional cameras open the lens only up to one third of the diameter due to which less light is captured by the sensor which results in low picture clarity. Panasonic’s Bright lens opens up to half of its diameter and results in considerable, rather amazingly improved quality. Bright lens as the name sounds has nothing to do with the lens but the electronics which allows extra light to enter in the camera. The best model launched by Panasonic under this category is Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX5 which will cost roughly around $500.

The other addition in Panasonic’s digital cameras list is its Lumix TS10. This falls in the Rugged category and as the category name tells it actually is rugged in nature. It can bear free fall from few feet and can also dive approximately 10 feet in the water without getting damaged. The sibling TS2 is a better diver and can withstand around 33 feet of water if drowned. This will really interest adventure photographers who want to carry there camera in the waters but cannot because of its fragility. This camera has already earned the editors rating because of its price which is around 400 Dollars. The less rugged TS10 will cost around 250 Dollars.

The last category introduced by Panasonic is the Super Zoom category and the Lumix DMC-FZ1000 makes its place in it. FZ1000 comes with whopping 24X zoom at a maximum of 14 Megapixels resolution. Not only the zoom is good but this camera also let the user to record video with stereo audio recording using a microphone. Microphone jack is something new launched by Panasonic and along with this the frame rate used for video recording is also quite nice. This camera captures 5 frames per second at best resolution of 14 Megapixels and 60 frames per second at low resolution of 3 Megapixels. This camera will cost around 500 dollars and if you find the price high then you can go for a slower version named FZ40 if you can compromise the quality and speed to an extent.