Samsung has launched many smart phones in the market for CDMA and GSM users. Recently Samsung also launched the Galaxy Tab. Many of the smart phones runs on the Android operating system. This is also the main reason for the fast growth in the market for Samsung. Many of the phones are equipped with the latest features like Wi-Fi, 3G, cameras, touch screen, and lots more. Samsung provides the Android operating system for most of its smart phones. Because of Android, the performance of the phone is increased tremendously and user also gets very good using features.

Samsung is now releasing the next generation of its smart phone, Samsung Galaxy. The next version is the Samsung Galaxy S smart phone. Recently, at CES 2011, Samsung launched Samsung Infuse 4G. The Galaxy S uses the LTE 4G technology. AMOLED Plus touch screens are used in these phones. The smart phone is also equipped with a 8-mega pixel camera and has the ability to shoot video on a High Definition (HD) mode of 1080p. This phone also comes with HDMI output so it is possible to watch high definition videos and pictures directly from phone by connecting to a PC or television. Samsung Galaxy S also has highly efficient processors that provide an excellent experience to users.