The mobile phone industry has long been dominated by the Finland-based company Nokia. The company of Nokia has always managed to come up with devices that have served the world in a brilliant fashion. The company has developed mobile phones which have met a wide variety of user expectations. Another great feature about the company is the fact that it has always thought of handsets which people from all sectors of the society can use. The company has always considered customer satisfaction to be most important. The company has numerous handsets for the users to choose from. There are several expert teams which the company has assigned to research and design new technologies which could serve the society in a better way.

Nokia was supposed to launch its new smart phone X7 exclusively with AT&T in the United States. However, there are reports that the company has cancelled its program. It is being said that the handset would be launched, but without any collaboration. The Nokia X7 handset is a great smart phone which has a host of advanced features. The handset has all that it takes to attract customers. The X7 smart phone has a 8 mega pixel camera. The mobile has an excellent battery backup along with external speakers. The finishing of the product is excellent. The phone is said to be one of the best made by Nokia. The touch screen phone uses the Symbian 3 software. The software of the phone is highly reliable. The testing of the phone has assured the handset to be free of all kinds of bugs. Nokia X7 has an excellent graphical quality with superb sound output.