Ovi is a Finnish word which means door in English. Nokia Ovi store is popular among Nokia hand set users; they can download applications from Ovi store. You can use Nokia Ovi store from computer, mobiles or from Internet. You can visit Ovi.com to use it from internet. The main aim of Nokia is to enable third party interaction with Nokia Ovi store. For example, you can use Yahoo Flicker from Nokia Ovi internet. We are sure that Nokia Ovi will be a huge competitor for Google, yahoo and other service providers.

Nokia Ovi has many services for mobile users. We will list and describe those services:

The first on is the Nokia Ovi suite. If you have used Nokia Ovi suite then you can say that it is the next generation of Nokia PC suite. Using this servive; you can share photos, videos and PIM data between phone and computer. They have launched one Windows compatible version They are expected to launch a Mac OS compatible version in November this year.

Ovi sync

Ovi sync is a very useful service from Nokia Ovi store; you can synchronize contacts, calendars and other information to Ovi store. You can also back up your necessary data on the Ovi site; you can share the data from phone to computer and vice-versa.

Ovi store

Ovi store is a useful for downloading music, photos, maps, videos and other items. You can download some items at free of cost but some of them are not free and you need a credit card to purchase them.

Ovi music player and music store

You can play and listen to your favourite songs on music player. You can also download songs from Nokia Ovi music store. You can purchase music from 11 million songs available on Ovi music store.

Other Ovi services are instant messaging, mails, share and files. All new Nokia phones come with a IM software but you can also use Ovi account to send and receive messages. You can also use Ovi mail to send and recive e-mails from your handset. The web mail can work with all popular web browsers and it is popular in countries like India, Indoneshia, South Africa etc.

Using Ovi share you can share media files to all Ovi users worldwide. You can easily upload any media files from your phone to Ovi using share online 3.0 application. Ovi files are also very interesting to use, it allow users to remote access to their computer files from mobile phones. You can also able to upload PDF or MS word content to your remote PC without a browser plug-in.

Ovi also provide an impressive application for mobile gamers, it is known as N-Gaze. It is presently available in all Nokia N-series mobile handsets.