It has been announced that the Android 1.5 operating system will have Norton Mobile Security. This is also said to add several new features to the device. The senior director Dave Cole recently said that this system is almost ready to be launched.

One of the features found in this antivirus software is recovering a stolen phone which is the anti theft feature. If a phone is lost or stolen then by just typing “lock” followed by a password, the phone data can be locked and suppose the phone is lost forever with no chances of getting it back and there is data which is confidential then by texting “wipe” which will again be followed with a password will help in the removal of all the data. There is also a provision for locking the SIM card. This will prevent any exchange of the card since that will also require a password. The new Android 1.5 has also a feature of locating the phone. If we can’t trace the phone and send a message to the phone,    texting “locate” followed by a password the phone reverts back saying its location with the help of Google Maps.

Security programs offer help by scanning the files before they are opened or downloaded. They also scan the SD cards automatically. Like discussed earlier the device will have the facility of blocking calls or messages from a particular number which the user desires. The ability to recognize a tablet and automatically switching to the tablet mode is another feature of Android. The price of the software has not yet been decided and it’s not yet available for sale but the free version which come with a thirty days trial pack is already.