Did you ever imagine that while chatting with your mom, you will even be able to smell the aroma of that bacon she’s put into microwave? Yes! That day has finally come when your tweets, wall posts, tags and comments, all will bear some or the other kind of pleasing smell. Mint Foundry – a New York and London-based corporation has developed – Olly – a web-connected smelly robot.

Olly is a portable white box with some removable space at the back. You can fill any scent like perfume, oils and fruit and segregate them accordingly to give each of your accounts a different smell. Olly can be attached to your PC and will emit smell post according to the Internet activity you do.

Olly will add a different scent to all your online activities, notifications and other activities. This great discovery after the elements of sound and sight were already incorporated to the Internet activities. Olly is perfectly capable of scenting anything from ‘Likes’ on Facebook and Instagram to tweets on Twitter or ‘downvotes’ on Reddit for that matter. You can customize and set the fragrance as per your choice. For each account, you can choose a different fragrance.

All you need to do is have your own Olly reader and download the application sign-in with username and password. Feed in your favorite fragrance and wait for it to get emitted from Olly. Olly is still in the process of completion, and is hence not available as of now. However, it will soon be available in the market for sale.

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