Palm is an American mobile handset company which manufactures high end mobiles. As the smart phones are growing bigger in the handset market, Palm is innovating new technologies. The first Palm phone was launched in 1996 and the model was Palm Pilot. From the starting and now Palm handsets are popular with professionals, consumers with WebOS software. You can buy Palm smart phones through Internet, retail and wireless operators

The WebOS was used on Palm Pre for the first time and since then it has been involving a lot in terms or technology, usably and security functions. The newly launched WebOS version is especially designed for thouchscreen mobile phones and multi-tasking.

It incorporated great features and technology like JavaScript, RSS and HTML5.

There is a rumor about Palm is launching a new product and everyone is eager to know more about the product. This model is reliable and attractive like its older products and the name of the product is ‘Mansion’. The Mansion will have 800×480 screen size and the most attractive feature of this product is that it will not have physical keyboard. The design is very interesting as we heard that virtual keyboard buried in WebOS2.0 and it will use for Palm pad.

The new device by Palm will be completely different from previous devices like P102 in terms of user experience and touchscreen functionality. The news has already created sensation amongst the smartphone users and other smartphone manufacturer. Palm’s smartphone are supported by HP and it is being speculated that the new phone’s design and features will also be affected by HP technology.

The launch of this new phone is being delayed f so long and the reason is the there has to be so many form factors which needs to be produced with this new phone.

The phone must carry some of the basic for factors which most of the Smartphones already have, and these factors are Portrait slider, landscape slider, candybar etc.

As the competition in Handset market is very challenging and android phones are very much popular like iPhone and blackberry. It is also a known fact that WebOS scales easily so virtual keyboard are not a concerned factor but the thing is to get above the mix of pretty good mixture of virtual keyboards on Android phones.

Users are eagerly waiting for the phone with new features as it is definitely going to grab a lot of attention in the market. However, a virtual keypad is not the only features which can make Palm phone to compete in the samrtphone markets, there are some other new features and technologies which Palm manufactures ahs to incorporate in their product.

Features like retina display which iPhone has Android has already adapted 6 months back in their products.