In the last couple of years, smartphone manufacturers along with social networking sites and app developers, have introduced a new feature called as social location service. It allows users to explore the world around the vicinity, connect with their friends on Facebook or Twitter, and check into a location they are at, informing the others they are there. This is updated on Facebook or Twitter. This was followed by the iPhone introducing Instagram, where you could send a photograph geo-tagged with the application called the Foursquare, to send the same with a place name to the shot. This was simple photo-sharing.

Picplz, a new startup, introduced a fully free app on the iPhone with their location centric photo streaming service. Picplz introduced the feature of styling your photos, with free photo effects and sharing them on social networks. The free photo filters, unlike charged filters of other competitors, pushed them a step ahead of Instagram, also allowing the features of styling and re-styling the photos, easy sharing on social networks, allowing you to add location to your photos, and seamless integration with various apps.

Recently Picplz introduced a new version for the iPhone, taking care of their earlier version bugs in improving speed of upload, photo sharing, free photo effects, caption adding, location tagging and also check-in. Soon after, Picplz made this app available for all Android users, along with live thumbnail previews letting you see how the photo will look after applying the Picplz app filters. You can now, even on an Android phone use the free app, snap a photo, share it, upload them on Flickr, Facebook etc. with much better speed.

The key features of the app available for Android, include, snap, upload, share with ease, clean and simple user interface, background photo upload feature, integration with Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and others. This feature has been validated on all Android phones with OS 1.6 and above.