Soon a USB fuel cell is going to be launched in the market that will charge power-hungry devices like smartphones and portable gaming devices without the need of an electrical outlet. The fuel cell is being developed by Lilliputian Systems, which is not a well-known name in portable power making devices.

The USB fuel cell will be able to generate enough power on one cartridge of butane to charge a smartphone up to 14 times. When the cartridge is completely drained, just pop in another one and you are fully charged once again.

Availability of USB fuel cell

The portable power source will be available to end-users by the end of this year for an undisclosed sum. The fuel cell will be capable of charging anything that can plug into it with a USB cable.

According to Lilliputian Systems’ VP of business development Mouli Ramani, “The pricing of the actual fuel cartridges will be about the same as coffee from Starbucks.” That likely positions the fuel cartridges somewhere between US $3 to US $5 each and the device will likely be priced between US $100 to US $200.