Barnes & Noble recently launched a publishing tool called PubIt! which is used to publish work in their website. This is primarily used for the digital distribution of work and a very useful tool for independent authors and publishers who wants an online audience for their work.

The PubIt tool was launched in competition with the similar tool, DTP (Digital Text Platform), designed and maintained by Amazon. There are a large amount of user groups who prefer online books and articles. Tools such as PubIt and DTP have been developed to cater a large database of published content which is easy to maintain.

Booksellers have found that PubIt has started to generate tens of thousands of book titles from various authors and publishers from all over the world. The tool is used by writers who publish their own work if they are already registered with the services.

PubIt is an online tool through which users can upload eBooks, set up account, list the price of their work and also can track the sale of eBooks and the total amount and payments. Publishers are allowed to quote the price between $0.99 from $199.99 and they will receive the royalty amount depending the prices and sale.

The royalty income is also decided and any publisher can get 65 percent of list priced between $2.98 from $9.99 and get 40 percent royalty for the price between $2.98 from $10.00.

On the other hand Amazon provides 70 percent royalty for its publishers and independent authors but there are some hidden terms and fees involved in their payment model.

All the files can be uploaded in various file formats like Microsoft Word, TXT, HTML and RTF file and any company’s title can be added including NOOK book.