Nowadays portable gadgets need extra power, which you can think to provide by external batteries instead of internal batteries. If you are looking for such device for your iPad then Juice Pack Powerstation is the best choice. The Mophie has manufactured the new Juice Pack Powerstation which is the first external portable battery for the iPad, this is the best choice for emergency power provider. It charges the devices faster than any other traditional batteries available in the market. This lightweight and portable device can also be used to charge other USB compatible devices. This universal battery station has a capacity of providing numerous charges to iPad, iPhone, iPod, PND, PMP, smartphone or any other USB compatible devices with its 3600mAh capacity. So you no need to touch power point while travelling.

The Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation has a pair of USB ports from which one is used to charge your device and other is used charge its own batteries. It is 2.86 x 4.31 x 0.65 inches wide and, weight is around a pound only, so that you can comfortably carry with you in any bags. This Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation charges at 2.1 amps and has built-in 6-light LED battery status indicator so that you will know when the device is charged. It will be invisible when you are not using, and it will tell you exactly how much “juice” is left so it ensures that you will be never out of battery and left you in the dark. This unit has one unique feature Advance Battery cell which provides facilities of switching between desired mAh charges, including 500 mAh, 1Amps and 2.1 Amps and standby toggle switch ensures that there will be no drainage during idle mode when the Powerstation is not in use. With the help of USB pass-through users can charge a device and the Powerstation simultaneously when using a 2.1 amps iPad charger adapter.

The Juice Pack Powerstation features a two-tone-metallic and soft touch finishing in a compact form factor, so it is very easy to carry on-the-go. It has built-in short circuit, overcharge and temperature protection functionalities. So you can get your safety of the device. With additional products The Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation planned to be announced later in 2010. It is the first product developed by the company which is compatible with other USB devices and mp3 players.

The universal line was first introduced in June 2010, with the juice pack reserve released first, followed by the juice pack boost in August 2010, and now the powerstation. Each of the external rechargeable batteries incorporates the latest advancements in portable power and is available in Apple stores, at or For additional information regarding the mophie suite of products, please visit

This amazing Juice Pack Powerstation is not only useful, but very sleek and glossy to boot. It comes with brain, beauty and brawn – your best travel companion.