Nikon D700 which was a long time secret by the Nikon has now being brought in to lime light. It rather speaks about the Nikon D700 which is the professional, 12 mega pixel, full frame (FX format) and compact. By outside looks D700 is virtually identical to the D300, although hitting the market with its eye-catchy and larger full frame view finder. Internal looks says that it is almost similar to the “D3”. It has an astounding 5 frames per second enhance up to an 8 frames per second with an awesome MB D10 battery back up. However, it has got a slight slow shutting type.

It super cedes the D3 by having an Image Sensor cleaning (sensor shaker), virtual horizontal in live view, more pliable ‘hard button’ programming and a different DX mode indication which focuses mainly on screen. It is also the one which is the first professional camera of “Nikon DSLR” to manufacture a built-in flash in it.

“The Nikon D3 has stormed the action photography industry by enhancing many merits to alter brands and we long the “Nikon D700” to continue that fashion” said Robert Cristina, MPP (Manager Professional Products ) and an NPS at Nikon Europe. He also said: “The D700 outshines with the high-contrast conditions and low-light on this basis today’s cameras are rather judged and confirms the Nikon’s ongoing commitment to meet tomorrows photographic needs too.”

Let us talk about some of its features which are as follows:

FX on the click of Nikon D700

An ideal for those who sought a balanced DSLR on the move is the Nikon D700. Resistant to environment related moisture and dust and very supple to be handled easily. Nikon D700 includes the “Image sensor cleaning system” that makes use of high frequencies vibrations to vanish the accumulated dust on the image sensor area.  It has an outstanding battery back up too and long lasting for long term usage. The Nikon D700 offers an integrated power supply and it will be a better experience for them who are already using D300 and D3

D3 Inheritance

The same technology has been used to give it a highly-sensitive 12.1 with an effective mega pixel, continuous micro-lens that affords its brightness, clear entities across the wide range of an ISO and large pixel pitch of the CMOS image sensor attached. Nikon D700 also includes the innovative immense high speed image processing system, 14-bit and 16-bit A/D conversion, to process pipeline to provide the details respectively and slick gradation necessary for outstanding print   reproduction and image enlargement.

Nikon D700- The right shot for you

In spite of being available at a high price, Nikon D700 although it does not lag in its comprehensive feature of a highly responsive release of shutter which takes place  at a time lag of just 40 micro seconds, thus outshines the D3 and D300 in this aspect.