Sony introduced the CLM-V55 Video monitor for the interchangeable lens and camcorders. The monitor provides the recording persons a full live display of whatever is being recorded. It gives an enlarged video output. It can be connected directly to DSLR cameras and HDD camcorders with a supplied adaptor. The LCD screen is a model of a 5 inches WVGA type of 800×480 vision display. The screen tilts and swivels easily. There is also color pixel magnifying and peaking facility which will give accurate focus confirming. Most monitor adjustments can be done on the control wheel which enables these adjustments without disrupting shooting.

There is 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratio support in the display and help finding the exact display on the TV. There is also a mono-speaker and jack to help play it. This is integrated into the monitor unit. The screen can be fitted on any camera easily with the adaptor supplied. This also has an auto-lock accessory shoe to help secure it to the camera. The signal to the camera from the screen is supplied from an HDMI cable and power is available from an optional battery pack or an AC adaptor. To avoid the sunlight reflecting on to the screen, there is a hood supplied.

Providing a preview of what is being recorded, this new portable 5 inch camera is a clip on type of camera for the interchangeable lenses as well as mobile cameras. The monitor is labeled CLM V 55 and has markers on it to identify the panel for the display. The monitor can be attached to SLR cameras and has a hood to protect your vision from sunlight reflections on it.

The adapter makes it easier mounting on any LCD or Camera with an auto lock on a sled or ISO shoe. The monitor is available in March 2011. The prices are yet to be finalized. It will attach on to Sony cameras and to third party cameras with HD shooting. The monitor is destined to make its mark as a great attachment to the SLR cameras and LCD cameras.

It has 1,152K dot display features a hood to keep the sunlight reflection out. It features a tilt and swivel which is a great feature. The control wheel has brightness, contrast and color control features. It has a color diffusing facility which helps clear the edges of images. This is a color peaking function. The clip-on facility makes it convenient to attach to cameras.  It has a high resolution viewing while shooting HD video. There is a tilting / swiveling facility to conveniently use your cameras.

The monitor works very well with SLR and LCD cameras. It has a big high resolution view. You cannot be sure about the recording of your video with this big view. It provides WVGA resolution. The beneficiaries are A33 and A55 siblings which endeavor to combine the quick autofocus of the camcorder with image quality of a DSLR.