The much-awaited BlackBerry tablet may soon come to fruition and the most interesting news would be the implantation of RIM on the software front. BlackBerry is popular among people for its easy interface and web support applications but in the race with Apple and Android it lags. The co-CEO of RIM explains how BlackBerry will survive and compete with the Apple and Android attack. Apple, Android and Google have already beaten the design of RIM BlackBerry and in features too. So, what’s unique in BlackBerry which will attract people toward it, explains Jim Balsillie. Regarding this release of BlackBerry there was a confession with RIM co-CEO Jim Balsillie. The first question during the RIM’s earnings call was from RBC analyst Mike Abramsky, who asked Jim Balsillie how BlackBerry is going to keep up with likes of Apple and Google, who already have beaten RIM in design and high-end phone specifications. In the response of this question, Balsillie went on an epic rant for almost four minutes. He started off by asking the reporters to stay tuned for RIM’s developer’s conference, when more of the RIM’s design strategy would be revealed. He revealed that RIM’s BlackBerry design strategy is not constant, and it could be changed further so you need to stay tuned with RIM’s developers. He says that BlackBerry still has a tremendous number of attributes that really serve current market and it’s dangerous to frame all this in a high-end arms race. He addressed that BlackBerry has a unique asset of features that make it unique in the marketplace. He said that you are going to see our capacity to go even beyond what could have been expected by anyone and they are still going to address the issues of cost effectiveness, efficiency, security and desired form factors. He said that their specialty’s been in resolving. He further said that they are trying to innovate and forward their business.

On the other hand, he highlighted what is important to RIM and addressed that network efficiency, working with carriers, and pricing are not against them. Looking at this debate with Jim Balsillie, it seems that the core of BlackBerry aspects are well defended and protected but still it is in a space where people are mushrooming their expectations of what these things can do. Apart from this people are expecting a lot from the release of RIM’s BlackBerry but still its features and applications is a part of debate when it is compared with the attack of Apple and Android.

Regardless of what anyone thinks about RIM, it is NOT competitive with iPhone or Android. Surely, RIM may continue to sell a plenty of phones but still it is not yet making the types of tiny powerful computers that Android and iPhone buyers are getting used to using. This suggests that it is actually going to be targeted toward the low end of market, which could hurt margins and growth in future.